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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Payment Calculator


Apr 15, 2023



Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Payment Calculator

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Payment Calculator is a great tool for managing your finances. With it, you can calculate how long it will take to pay back your loan and how much interest you will accrue over time. It can also help you manage your budget better by providing an estimate of how much money you'll need to make each month in order to meet your financial goals. With this calculator, you can make smarter decisions about how to structure your payments and get the most out of your HELOC loan.

Understand your home equity options

The ability to access home equity can assist in saving time. Answer some short questions about what kind of loan is best for your needs.

Variable-rate monthly minimum payments

Minimum payment amount required monthly (no interest or fees for the Fixed-Rate Loan Payment Option). Payments include both capital and interest (maximum $100). Monthly payments depend upon your current balance of your credit card account, and interest rates that could be lowered or increased, and these rates vary by month. Generally, these payments aim to pay off your loan amount with principal and interest payments for the rest of the loan term.

How To Calculate Your Home Equity

Home ownership can mean a difference in value compared to how much it owes. Get the latest appraisal of your house and subtract your mortgage balance and all the mortgages owed by you. The rest of the total represents the equity you hold on the home.

What's the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit?


A home equity loan is repaid by completing fixed monthly installment payments for a defined period of time. Similarly home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) are similar to credit cards. You can use this credit line to a limit, but it only charges the amount you're spending plus interest. HELOC have defined periods for the usage of their credit lines. During the drawing period the credit card is refunded and the HELOC is not able to use the remaining equity of this credit card again.

Variable rate

The interest rate that fluctuates or changes frequently in the context of indexes like prime rates, or other monetary conditions. Payment can vary according to the amount received.

How does a home equity loan work?

Home equity loans can be used by you to borrow on your property to pay off a mortgage or improve its value. Your money will be sent in one lump sum with fixed interest and will help you determine how much your credit rating is worth. For example, you can use an equity loan to buy new carpeting or replace the roofing. How can one obtain a home equity loan based on their credit history and income? It's the LTV ratio in your loan. The balance is found at the end of a recent credit score.

Draw period

The time in which borrowers can get loans from available credit or construction financing funds. When a credit card is drawn, the customer has the option of renewing it or repaying the balance as if it had never been paid for at any point during the loan cycle.

Should I choose a home equity loan or a HELOC?

Home equity loans and home equity loans are different ways to get back equity from the equity in the house. The HLOC is the same as a credit card. You have unlimited free borrowing options if necessary. HELOC'S have variable or adjustable rate of payment, which translates to changing monthly payments but the interest is charged only on the amount drawn from your account. HELOCs may be better if you have no clue how much they are. If you've done many renovations you may need HELOCs, which allow you to finance them by taking steps.

Repayment period (line of credit)

In a revolving credit, the duration during which if the loan has not been paid, the loan must revert back in full according to payment conditions. Home equity credit lines are defined as the repayment period of the loan that follows the draw period.

Fixed-Rate Loan Option monthly minimum payments

Minimum monthly payments required for home equity loans with Fixed-Rate Loans option. Fixed payment amounts each month have interest and are fixed and are the same during fixed rate options terms.

How To Use the Home Equity Loan Calculator

The calculator estimates your loan amount using this information. If your credit score does not match that of your home, you might not receive home equity loan from a lender as it would cost you money. Although the calculator gives a general idea about your borrowing capacity, talk to the lender for accurate results from dozens of different sources. How should I find a good mortgage lender?

Want to discuss your options with a banker?

Depending on the situation a banker can recommend an investment plan for the future. Bankers may book online or by phone.

Why did my initial withdrawal amount change?

Upon account open, the Fixed-Rate Loan option will provide 90 % of your line of credit. The balance was automatically modified to lower initial withdrawal to give more accurate payment results.

Why don't I see a payment amount?

The amount of restitution on your mortgage loan is calculated as part of your total balance. Zero first withdrawal will eliminate any amount required.

Are Home Equity Loans a Good Idea?

Home equity is able to give you an advantage or a disadvantage. The positive side is that these are less prone to default than personal loans and are more affordable than unsecured loans. It gives you additional security and interest rates can be deductible when used on certain home improvement projects. In addition, your loan must be closed between 4% and 5% of its total amount. Interest is also incurred in total loan amounts which reduces the cash value you have in the house. Home equity loans can also prove risky if your housing market is struggling.

How long does it take to get a home equity loan?

Home equity loans typically take up to six months from application to closing.

How much is a 50000 home equity loan payment?

A typical example of the payment of unsecured loans is $588.30. Payment examples don't cover the tax or insurance premium.

How do you calculate how much home equity I can borrow?

Your loan will vary according to your LTV ratio. This represents a percentage of the value of a property and any debts that remain on it. This is determined by dividing your mortgage payment by the current value of your home.

What is the current interest rate on a home equity loan?

The current interest rate for a home equity loan varies depending on the lender and other factors such as credit score, loan amount, and term length. Generally, rates can range from 4-6% for prime borrowers with good credit scores. Borrowers with lower credit scores may qualify for higher rates. Rates are also subject to change over time, so it is important to stay up-to-date on what lenders are offering before making a final decision.

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1. Qualified applicants may borrow up to 95% of their home’s value. This does not apply to investment properties.

2. HELOCs have a 10-year draw period. During the draw period, the borrower is required to make monthly minimum payments, which will equal the greater of (a) $100; or (b) the total of all accrued finance charges and other charges for the monthly billing cycle. During the draw period, the monthly minimum payments may not reduce the outstanding principal balance. During the repayment period, the borrower is required to make monthly minimum payments, which will equal the greater of (a) $100; or (b) 1/240th of the outstanding balance at the end of the draw period, plus all accrued finance charges and other fees, charges, and costs.The lender will calculate this amount by taking the outstanding Account Balance on the last day of the draw period and dividing it by 240 months and then adding any finance charge that accrues but remains unpaid during the monthly billing cycle plus any other fees, charges and costs to the fixed principal payment that is due. During the repayment period, the monthly minimum payments may not, to the extent permitted by law, fully repay the principal balance outstanding on the HELOC. At the end of the repayment period, the borrower must pay any remaining outstanding balance in one full payment.

3. The time it takes to get cash is measured from the time the Lending Partner receives all documents requested from the applicant and assumes the applicant’s stated income, property and title information provided in the loan application matches the requested documents and any supporting information. Most borrowers get their cash on average in 21 days. The time period calculation to get cash is based on the first 4 months of 2024 loan funding's, assumes the funds are wired, excludes weekends, and excludes the government-mandated disclosure waiting period. The amount of time it takes to get cash will vary depending on the applicant’s respective financial circumstances and the Lending Partner’s current volume of applications. Closing costs can vary from 3.0 - 5.0%. An appraisal may be required to be completed on the property in some instances.

4. Not all borrowers will meet the requirements necessary to qualify. Rates and terms are subject to change based on market conditions and borrower eligibility. This offer is subject to verification of borrower qualifications, property evaluations, income verification and credit approval. This is not a commitment to lend.

5. The content provided is presented for information purposes only. This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Information and/or dates are subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Other restrictions may apply.